Historic Occultations reported in The Astronomer


The Astronomer magazine:

I found some interesting notes to Lunar (total and graze) and asteroidal appulses in past issues of TA Magazine, (Indexed by NASA-ADS) to which i have subscribed since 1970. Observations cited in IAU circulars are reported elsewhere, however it became apparent that Lunar events were not necessarily sent to the RGO ( - 1984), ILOC (1985-2008) or IOTA (2009-) during these time periods. That means these observations were not included in the main databases maintained for Amateur and Professional observers. And I refer in particular to the Occutl4 database by Dave Harald which I use on a regular basis. The reports in TA are preliminary and don't always contain complete information on instrument, times (UT) and location. A few graze occultations were complete and and these have been reported retrospectively to IOTA.

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I have listed a few asteroid and lunar occultations or appulse. An Excel index can be down load here: Excel file [30KB]. For European asteroid events from 1997, these are indexed by Eric Frappa on EURASTER.NET. For the rest of the world some reports will be in the IOTA Occultation Newsletter or in Journals highlighted by David Dunham in ON.

Year-Mon V/No/Page Object type Observation:
1969-10 6/66/116 Lunar Timings of the Pleiades (20Tau, 16Tau, 21Tau) by Altringham Soc Obs with 1/10s stopwatch - R.R. Scoular
1970-07 7/75/49 Jupiter Possible occultation of SAO 139497 on June 5.2 - Calculated by D.C Heggie (Trinity Col. Cambridge)
1971-05 7/85/1 Io Io (+ Jupiter) and SAO 159683 - reports Miss in UK
1973-03 9/107/132 Graze Lunar Graze of 118 Tau Feb12 - M.V.Gavin

This list is much longer so downloading the Excel file [30KB] is the best option if you are interested. (MSOffice 2013) of TA references and Links to NASA-ADS.

For Information on searching TA, see the indexes provided on the their web page.