Unexplained observation of (2875) Largerkvist - follow up prediction on 2018 Oct 08

The KMZ file, download the path: (2875)Multipath.kmz

2018 Sep 23rd result reported on Euraster.net The two chords are displaced more than expected given the 10km diameter.

The Occult4 followup prediction:


A hypothetical two body arrangement for (2875) to explain the apparent observtions on 2018 Sept 23rd - Tim Haymes

UK asteroid occultation predictions 2018 - a preview.

Preview of events. Watch for the updates nearer the time.

Mike Kretlow (IOTA/ES) has a database of predictions for the current year: http:// astro.kretlow.de/?Occultation-Predictions
Steve Preston (IOTA) published his predictions (using astrometric updates) are here: http://www.asteroidoccultations.com/
Edwin Goffin published his 2018 predictions here: ftp://ftp.ster.kuleuven.ac.be/dist/vvs/asteroids/2018/