UK asteroid occultation predictions 2018 - a preview.

Predictions using Occult 4 (Dave Herald) using Gaia 14 DR1
Selection criteria were:
Asteroids 20km diameter or larger, Occulted star mag 12 and brighter, smallest magnitude drop 1.0
Events in twilight (Sun -10deg), or too near the horizon ( <15d), were not selected
Prediction date: 2017 July 01

This is a preview of events up to a year and a half in advance. Watch for the updates nearer the time. Users of Occultwatcher will recieve improved circumstances.

Mike Kretlow (IOTA/ES) has a database of predictions for the current year: http://
Steve Preston (IOTA) published his predictions (using astrometric updates) are here:
Edwin Goffin published his 2018 predictions here:

The first object listed is a TNO 1998WV31 using a prediction by E.Goffin.