2020 Predictions with Occult v + Astorb data 2019 Dec 10

For stars visual magnitude 13.0 and brighter, maximum duration >1 sec and magnitude drop >0.7 during occultation. Asteroid diameters >25 km.

These predicted paths are subject to orbital uncertainty. Please search for updates nearer the time e.g. from Steve Preston's web pages at http://www.asteroidoccultation.com/IndexAll.htm

Notes about the prediction headers using asteroid 131 Vala as example.
UCAC4 579-051371 : Star Id in the UCAC4 catalogue (with most accurate Gaia positions)
2h 16m to 2h 35m UT: The time the asteroid shadow starts and ends on the Earth's surface.
Mag V = 12.3: Star brightness given in three colour bands V = visual, B = Blue, R = Red. For an unfiltered CCD/CMOS camera, use the R value.
RA / DEC (BCRS) these are the position of the star at epoch 2000
[ of date:RA/DEC ] The star position at the date of occultation.

Remember that prior to occultation (UT +/- 10min) the object brightness is the star+asteroid whichever is the brighter + a bit.