2023 Predictions for UK, Ireland and some other areas
- where predicted shadows pass over the UK - Epoch of predictions: 2022 Dec 29

Asteroid diameters >50 km, Maximum duration >2 sec, magnitude drop >0.7, Elivation>15deg

These predicted paths are subject to orbital uncertainty. Please search for updates nearer the time e.g. from Steve Preston's web pages at http://www.asteroidoccultation.com/IndexAll.htm or Occult Watcher Cloud : https://cloud.occultwatcher.net/ OWC

Predictions for Comet 29P [ BAA ARPS "MISSION 29P - Miles and Kretlow]

(624) Hektor - special interest in the asteroid profile. Largets Jupiter Trojan with a moon

(319) Leona occults alpha Orionis over Spain on 2023 Dec 12th - special interest in the giant star's photometry while being occulted. [ Roo is an observatory ]

(11351) Leucus - Jupiter Trojan of special interst.

(676) Melitta is of special interst.

(2875) Largerkvist, possible double asteoid. Observed by T Haymes and P Tickner in 2018

(216) Kleopatar: Special interest owing to its "dog-bone" shape and moon Alexhrios

(319) Leona is Specail interst owing to the apparent size diference (small), and the expected light curve.