The Changing Face of the Sun
Imaged with a Canon 70D and 300mm lens with Baader ND 5.0 solar safety film.
( Stabalisation off, iso200, Manual mode -spot focusing - , 1/2000th, F/7.1 - histogram max ca 80%. handheld)

The synodic (apparent) solar rotation period is 27.3 days (13 degrees in 24hrs ). Lo is the longitude of the centre of the disk (see Carrington). [ Ephemeris with WinJUPOS ]
The current solar cycle (cycle 25) started in 2020 after a period of very low sunspot activity. A cycle is 11 years, but this appears to be on top of a longer period of about 100 years.
Solar activity is measured by counting the active areas and spots according to specific safe methods to give a Relative Sunspot Number (R), an index of solar activity.

Starting with Rotation Number 2256, Lo is the solar longitude at the time of observation/image. The hyperlinked date below an image is a picture from

 2022Apr23 at 1758 BST, Lo= 97
2022Apr24 at 0839 BST, Lo = 89 2022Apr25 at 0910 BST, Lo = 75

2022Apr26 at 0913 BST, Lo=61

Disk orientation in April/May
2022Apr29 at 1720 BST, Lo=18
2022Apr30 at 0740 BST, Lo=10 Rot. 2257, 2022May04 at 1649 BST, Lo=312

2022May05 at 0741 BST, Lo=304

2022May06 at 0948 at BST, Lo=289
2022May07 at 0834 BST, Lo=277 2022May08 at 1141 BST, Lo=262 2022May09 at 0853 BST, Lo=251

2022May10 at 1312 BST, Lo=235

Sketch made on May 6th from a solar projection box.
2022May11 at 1637 BST, Lo=220 2022May12 at 0659 BST, Lo=212 2022May13 at 0853 BST, Lo=198

2022May14 at 1312 BST, Lo=182

2022May15 at 0859 BST, Lo=171

2022May16 at 1200 BST, Lo=156

2022May17 at 0900 BST, Lo=144 2022May17 sketch, Lo=144

2022May18 at 0930 BST, Lo=131

2022May19 at 0946BST, Lo=118

2022May20 at 1230 BST, Lo=103

2022May21 at 1430 BST Lo=89 2022May22 at 1000 BST, Lo=78

2022May23 at

2022May25 at 1717BST, Lo=35

2022May26, Lo=25

2022May 2022May