Occultation Links

Occultwatcher software written by Hristo Pavlov

ESOP - European Symposium on Occultation Projects
IOTA - International Occultation Timing Association
IOTA-ES European Section

IOTA-ES Call for Observations - Oliver Klös

Global asteroid occultation predictions by Steve Preston

Derek Breit - BREIT IDEAS Observatory and predictions

EAON - European Asteroidal Network

BAA - British Astronomical Association
EURASTER Occultation Results

Mike Kretlow's asteroid occultation report database query page
Mike Kretlow's enhanced prediction page http://astro.kretlow.de/?Occultation-Predictions


Lunar Reporting http://www.lunar-occultations.com/iota/lunarreport.htm
LunarReport Zip File http://www.lunar-occultations.com/occult4/lunarreport.zip

Gerhard Dangl's video timing analysis http://www.dangl.at/ausruest/vid_tim/vid_tim1.htm
Gerhard Dangl's M67 IMAGE comparison http://www.dangl.at/ausruest/cam_comp/cam_comp.htm

John Broughton Seasonal Distributuon of Observed Asteroid Occultations 2007-2014

Equipment: Camparison of mini DVR (SD card recordings) to DV-Tape [Canon Elura 80 or similar]
By Tony George, IOTA North America, Umatilla, Oregon:
Conclusion: The miniDVR is a useful device for brighter events, but has losses due to mpg compresion.

SKY&Telescope - observing at a glance
The Journal for Occultation Astronomy
Great Shefford Observatory - Asteroid monitoring and discovery by P.Birtwhistle
TANGRA for processing AVI to get light curves and timings

TACOS camera design for WATEC-910BD board camera,
with USB control and software

Maidenhead AS Events - Diary page in progress ( Edited by Tim Haymes - Meeting Secretary )

MAS Telescope Loans (draft) - list of instruments.

- see my Local Society here: http://www.maidenhead-astro.net/public/Home_page/


Astro photos and Kenya images here

More recent images in account 2 here


Triton Occultation of 2017 Oct 05

81 Tau Graze on 2017 Feb 05 https://youtu.be/SsZkFPbXZIc

Lunar Eclipse Graze of 2015 https://youtu.be/MvTK6rHkX7A

(275) Sapientia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0lpfz_S5Js

Kapa Aquarii Graze http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3Qa_a5mr9c

(42)ISIS Occultation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tJDHhScXRQ

(489) Comacina and 11.0 star in Aquila - 2019 July 26 https://youtu.be/L9ihysgmO2E

Cine of Aldebaran Graze 1978 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgXbyabAtiM
The first (known) continuous recording of a lunar graze occultation. An earlier recording by David Dunham was a sequence of still images.

Testing a TECSUN PL-660 with WWV reception in the UK http://youtu.be/0xroez2SkEQ

Radio Clocks Compared by video

(3122) Florence Time lapse on 2017 Aug 30/31 https://youtu.be/Cf6R_a6_jl8

Double Star Graze with steps 2017 Aug 16 0330UT https://youtu.be/bwLhFISwfro

Delta Geminorun on 2019 Aug 27 with fade events https://youtu.be/yBMHWqw-0E8

Added: 2017 Oct 03 - Satellite constellation while monitoring asteroid occ https://youtu.be/6kDemS31JVU