Comet 29P/Schwassmass-Wachmann -1 predicted to occult TYC 1888-00333-1 on 2023 May 7

Links to Journals and Indexes

ON - Occultation Newsletter Heritage Project. ( Oliver Kloes, IOTA-ES )
Note: ON was the main publication from IOTA (1974 - 2009) and can be accessed at

CORA- CORA [ Opens in a New tab ] Search occultation predictions (Mike Kretlow)
JoA - The Journal for Occultation Astronomy (JoA) index & abstract service from Mike at

NASA ADS - Astrophysics Data System. Index to publications in Astronomy. Alternative index direct link to JoA (bibstem:"JoA")


Observatory condensation control
BAA forum linked here for lots of ideas.
and here

Condensation .
BAA discussion: inside OTA, and use of dew shield for objectives

Remote control of Observatory
BAA discussion of ethernet here

Instalation and use of a 2.7m dome link


More links

Occultwatcher software written by Hristo Pavlov

ESOP - European Symposium on Occultation Projects
IOTA - International Occultation Timing Association
IOTA-ES European Section

IOTA-ES Call for Observations - Oliver Klös

Global asteroid occultation predictions by Steve Preston

Derek Breit - BREIT IDEAS Observatory and predictions

EAON - European Asteroidal Network

BAA - British Astronomical Association
EURASTER Occultation Results

CORA Mike Kretlow's Collaborative Occultation Research on Asteroids (CORA) database query page


Lunar Reporting
LunarReport Zip File
Gerhard Dangl's video timing analysis
Gerhard Dangl's M67 IMAGE comparison

John Broughton Seasonal Distributuon of Observed Asteroid Occultations 2007-2014

Equipment: Camparison of mini DVR (SD card recordings) to DV-Tape [Canon Elura 80 or similar]
By Tony George, IOTA North America, Umatilla, Oregon:
Conclusion: The miniDVR is a useful device for brighter events, but has losses due to mpg compresion.

SKY&Telescope - observing at a glance
The Journal for Occultation Astronomy
Great Shefford Observatory - Asteroid monitoring and discovery by P.Birtwhistle
TANGRA for processing AVI to get light curves and timings

TACOS camera design for WATEC-910BD board camera,
with USB control and software

- see my Local Society here:


Triton Occultation of 2017 Oct 05

81 Tau Graze on 2017 Feb 05

Lunar Eclipse Graze of 2015

(275) Sapientia

Kapa Aquarii Graze

(42)ISIS Occultation

(489) Comacina and 11.0 star in Aquila - 2019 July 26

Cine of Aldebaran Graze 1978
The first (known) continuous recording of a lunar graze occultation. An earlier recording by David Dunham was a sequence of still images.

Testing a TECSUN PL-660 with WWV reception in the UK

Radio Clocks Compared by video

(3122) Florence Time lapse on 2017 Aug 30/31

Double Star Graze with steps 2017 Aug 16 0330UT

Delta Geminorun on 2019 Aug 27 with fade events

Added: 2017 Oct 03 - Satellite constellation while monitoring asteroid occ

Graze of 7th mag SAO 109952 on 2020 Feb 27, crescent moon with eight contacts