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Subject: Monitoring and recording asteroid or lunar occultations, and my other imaging interests.
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{Cruise Ship} {Lunar graze on Cine} {Transit 3rd contact} {Saturn} {Mars}
First Lunar Graze 1972
20 Tau - Pleiades

Monte Umbe
Solar Eclipse 1973
Alpha Tau Graze 1978-08-26 on Cine

Titan and 28 Sgr 1989

Venus transit
2004 (2uCam)
2005 (2uCam)
2006 (2uCam)
Asteroid Positive Elektra in 2010

Knowl Hill Observatory is a 3m dome in Plywood (10mm and 3mm ) build in 1991, opened March 21 1992. The manually operated dome moves on casters around a wooden track supported on a low breeze block wall. An up and over door allows the user to step in over the wall into the dome. A skin of 3mm exterior ply has fiber glassed joints and is painted. A good paint job lasts 2-3 years. Heavy snow in 2010-2012 caused significant damage and some areas of the exterior have now been reinforced with fiberglass. The door was covered (2013) with a layer of Flashband for additional weather proofing. Here is a recent photo   The OTA was flocked in 2015, and a 10:1 focuser added. Occultations is the main interest but as you see from my log page I like to image most objects. .

Joining the UK discussion group on occultations.
The Yahoo! group UKoccultations was set up in 2012 to bring local occultation observers into contact, and to share insight, result and news. The membership is not limited to UK observers.


LOG BOOK and What's New - updated on 2017 November


2017 Nov 25.0

Knowl Hill

Bright Green Bolide

A mag 8-10 (est) bolide lit up the ground at 0000hrs on the 24/25th at midnight. This was reported to the UKMON network and BAA. Richard Fleet recorded it with his 8 camera station at Wilcot (SW). I was outside observing occultation at the time. There was no noticable persistant train.

The bightest meteor I have seen since the great 1998 Leonid fireball display.

2017 Nov 17


H-alpha imaging tonight
12nm, 200mm lens and ATIK camera. More on my Flikr Page

2017 Oct 27
C/2017-01 asassn
C/2015-ER61 panstarrs

Imaged with an ATIK 428EX (2x2 bin) at -15C. Stacked with DSS (FITS output) and tweaked with AstoArt5. Instrument: 30cm F4 with Baader MPCC auto guided with SkyWatcher 80mm F5 and PHD2.

2017 Oct 5
Triton Occults a v12.7 star OBSERVED

After much prior testing and planning, a x2 Barlow and W25 filter were used to image the event with WAT-910HX video camera. Integration time was 0.64s. The recording was to the HD (A2D dongle) using OccuRec software in AAV format. The fades were about 6-10s and the duraton about 142 sec. FITS files were sent to Paris Obs (Bruno Sicardy). I have a movie to summarise the event:

2017 Sep 24
(31) Euphrosyne - Second asteroid positive this year

After a number of high-profile (bright stars) were clouded out recently, this prediction for a 0.3 mag drop was successfully recorded in good conditions. The smallest light drop in some time, is shows that the video limit is about 0.2 to 0.3 magnitude, providing the duration is long enough. This was 7.4 sec. and a 0.25 width path shift is suspected towards the NW. More on the asteroids page.

2017 Aug 30
(3122) Florence fly by

Asteroid (3122) Florence - size 7km. passed the other side of the Moon in this NEO approach to Earth. Aracebo radio telescope discoverd two moons and one appeared to be a contact doublet. The image wa aboutan hour in lenth with images taken 1 min apart

2017 July 21
Triton by integrating video

While planning for the Triton/stellar Occultation on Oct 5th 2343-2353 UT, I captured some video with WAT-910HX at 0.64s integrated frames. Triton is there at Mag 13.5. The occulted star will be Mag 12.3, so the occultation should be detectable. I used a 5x Teleview Powermate to give 6m focal length. See "Next Event" menu for more info.

2017 Feb 07
(690) Wratislavia Positive
1st of 2017

Asteroid (690) produced an 8.4s occultation. The D-R was gradual and small depth of 0.7 magnitude in poor visibility.

2016-Dec 03
Quasar in outburts (CTA102)

CTA 102 about 5 mag brighter at 12. 30cm F/4 and DSLR. 10x50s stack

2016-Oct 26
Holiday in dark skies

Northumberland SQM 21.4 [The Isles of Scilly are darker at 21.6]. Took a tripod and modified 20D. Its dark. Here is Auriga, Persieus and M45. California Neb at center - 50mm f2.8 lens.

2016-May 9
Mercury Transit

Canon 70-300 L lens and Milar filter. One of a long series taken at 1456UT, 1/800th sec, F/11, ISO-100. Hand held.

2016-Feb 16
(423) Diotima : Long Positive.

Diotima was at low elevation in Gemini near theta in the NW. The asteroid was monitored in frosty conditions (-2.5C) as it occulted a faint star at 4am. I was rewarded by a 29sec dimming as can be seen in the blue line.

2016-Jan 19
Lunar Occultation of Hyades Cluster

Two step events and one fade were captured by video at 50 fps. These were my first records of non-instaneous events during an occultation by the Moon. The light curve is from 70 Tau by analysis of the AVI with Limovie. The step duration was 400ms for near equal components separated by 0.1 sec arc.

2015-Sept 30 (275) Sapientia POSITIVE

14 observations from the UK campaign. This is just the RAW data plot


2015-Sept 28 Lunar Eclipse and Umbral graze occultation

Traveled South to observe a Lunar Graze Occultation during the umbral phase of this eclipse. Four events were timed by video.

2015-Sep 20 Isles Of Scilly (Tresco) Exceedingly dark at SQM 21.6 (measuring starlight). So dark that this standard Canon 70D was picking up H-alpha in 20s at F3.5, ISO 25600
2015-Sep 10 GRB Optical counterpart TA alert: This is a 30min total exposure with ATIK 314L. Recorded at limit of +20, but not possible to measure (other than position)
2015-Sept 04

Robin Oldman's 60Da

This 60Da was tested between clouds.Works fine for daylight and astro.
18mm F3.5 from Knowl Hill. Not quite as sensitive as a fully modified camera, but is good enough and no extra filters needed.
2015 July-Aug Asteroids Observed Six Negative results reported. The tally for 2015 is currently a PB of 31
2015 May 18 Eruptive object in NGC2770 Classified as a SN Imposter, there have been several SNe in this object over the last few years notably 2007uy and 2008D, which were shining at the same time.
2015 April 22-24 Lunar Occultations Crescent Moon, 18 events in two evenings timed by video. DD of ZC858 is indicated in the image. A red M type star and bright on CCD .
2015 April-May Galaxy Imaging Leo, Virgo and Coma etc. Discovered some interacting groups: The pair NGC 5258 and the "Guitar" galaxy NGC3561 =>

2015 Jan to March Asteroid Occultations 15 events monitored - all reported as negative. The light curve(right) is of (3) Juno trans-atlantic event. A 3-sigma shift to the South is indicated on Occult Watcher. There have no positive sightings to date.
2015 Jan 15 Comet LoveJoy imaged
magnitude abt 4.5 (10x50bs) but not naked eye.
SQM 19.8
DSLR stack 200mm F/4 lens and 30cm F/4 Newt.and ATIK 30x30s stack
2015 Jan 12 (94) Aurora 04h This favourable event crossing Scotland - clouded. Most of EU clouded too. -
2015 Jan 10 Comet LoveJoy at 2000hrs

Estimated magnitude at 4.6 based on two stars: viz Nu Tau and 40 Tau
Diameter of the coma 12 min arc in 10x50Bs. Nice comet but not Naked eye. Faint tail 0.3d at 10-o-clock detected in images.

Dec 29th (1010) Marlene Second "in-track" event this night was also a MISS. Cold conditions (-4C). Steve operated the observatory and made recordings while I was away.
Dec 29th (133) Cyrene

From inside the predicted track, but was a MISS. Asteroid detected before mid event time.

2014 Dec 5
2245 UT

(4513) Louvre occults
4UC 506-0189844
(in Strong Moonlight)

NEGATIVE - Cold and clear, this 12.6mag star was monitored at 4/50s integration using WAT910HX Report:
2014 Nov 24 and 29 DSLR Imaging

20D (Mod) 50mm EF at F/4 (1600iso) CLS-CCD, 5 x 2m stack

2014 Nov 23 (294) Felicia occults
UCAC2 37873176
NEGATIVE. Site in the 2-sigma zone
Darkest night for 4 years ? SQM 20.35
2014 Nov 05 PSN J17143829+4340518 Suspect Super Nova *Ron Arbour* in an unnamed galaxy near NGC6329
2014 Nov 03

(744) Barcelona and
4UCAC 744043860

14 km asteroid Barcelona predicted to occult an r13.9 star dM 0.8, Max Dur 3.4s NEGATIVE in good conditions
2014 Oct 25 Lunar Occ of Saturn (daylight) The event was clouded, but an attempt was made at 1600UT ( 1700 BST) to see it through breaking clouds using a 10x50 finder. Not seen. -
2014 Oct 24 (186) Celuta

Two events in good clear condition on night 24/25. (154024) and (186)Celuta both-ve. 13th Mag Celuta was followed for 35min and video frames extracted. See pic

2014 Oct 22 (51324) / 4Cnc at 0004UT

Two events monitored. The first was obstructed, the second involved 4 Cnc and this was recorded through a tree - No occultation. Clear sky (SQM 20.1) after storms.

2014 Oct 18 (476) Hedwig long duration

Cloud prevented this 60s event (max) being monitored. A brief clearing 45 min before allowed set up, and the field was videoed before cloud returned. http://www.asteroidoccultation.com/2014_10/1018_476_33153.htm

2014 Oct 12

Sony DVcam
TRV33E doesnt display video-in ?

In the VCR-OTHERS menu, set DISPLAY = LCD. Now it does. -
2014 Sep 25 (396) Padua /TYC 1293-00396-1 Got a miss with this bright (r 9.7) star. I was 160km North. J.M Winkel (NL) recorded a Positive indicated a South shift in the track
2014 Sep 22 (89) Julia / UCAC4 568_045000 Small magnitude drop 11.8 > 12.0. Asteroid visible rising out of trees. Alt 20, Az 077
No occultation. Reported as uncertain. See Blue curve:
2014 Sep 18 (2060) Chiron Occultation Star was 1 mag fainter than predicted making it difficult, and it was also cloudy. Here is a 2.5 sec test exposure 30cm F/4, WAT-910HX
2014 Sep 12 Galaxy Imaging. Polar-aligned the EQ6 for better GOTO. All images except the first were out of focus! The camera seems to have moved a bit. Firework Gal=>
2014 Sep 10 Limiting Magnitude (Moon rising) M57 was videoed (see photometry) with 30cm F/4 and WAT910HX and found Mag 16 was reached in 1.28 sec (64/50sec, gain 32 dB)
2014 Sep 06 to 9th

Asteroid Occs clouded out !

Dido, Algeria, Celuta, Kuopio and Alauda - no observations -
2014 Sep 02
(391) Ingerborg

Adrian Jones (Maidenhead) successfully recorded a 2.2s event while I was at ESOP XXXIII in Prague. My video was used on his 190mm Mak-Newt. What a great result for him, and an example of local collaboration.

(291) Alice No occultation in very clear sky SQM 20.2. Report:
2014Aug23 C/2014 E2 Jacques
A 7x2min stack with 20D (800iso) and 200mm F2.8 L lens from LensesForHire. Exceedingly stretched to bring out the faint narrow tail at about 5-o'-clock
2014Aug20 C/2014 E2 Jacques In Cassiopeia near IC1805, 20D(mod), Canon 50mm f2.5
Perseid watch 2230 - 0045BST Logged 2, imaged 1 (Limit 4.0) Moon rising. Clear sky with patchy cloud, thick at times. A bit disappointing, although 24hr after max.
2014Aug05 2100 UT WINGS 2014 SPACE Sub-camp Helped at Windsor InterNational Guide and Scout camp with my Meade SN8, Reported here by SteveB. [ Cloudy but Fun ]
0100 UT
Galaxies in Hercules imaged with Meade DSI2.
NGC6371 is selected.
A nice imaging session. I like the way Envisage does on-the-fly track and stack. A good dark frame and stable external temp works well. Tweeked in AA5
2014Aug02 2300 UT Master OT with ATIK 314L The ATIK driver stops the EQMOD driver! CLOSE EQMOD, and restart - seems OK now. Optical Transient too faint and low elevation.
2014Jul06 Lunar Occultation (DD) of SAO158236

21h 46m 04.52 using WAT-910HX and GPSBOXSPRITE2
- added toOccult4 report.

2014May25 Ceres and Vesta Images with 20D and 200mm lens - sequence at 5 min intervals
2014May17 PANSTARRS at 2300 hrs Imaged with 30cm F/4, Canon 20D, DeepSky Stacker.
2014Apr17 (386) Siegena 14 sec occultation Morning observation in strong twilight (Sun-7). Long event revealed by photometry with TANGRA. -
- - - -
2014Mar20 Ergone Occults Regulus -VE. Flew to Bermuda for a family holiday. David Dunham joined us at last minute with his MAXI. Cloud stoped my obs.

Dunham's Maxi

VideoWWV at Moon Rise

Haymes's setup

120N and 135mm

VTI and recorder

2Hrs before cloud arrived
2014Mar03 Aurora from Norway, 2 nights out of 5.
2014Jan23 SN 2014J in M82 Meade DSI-1 LRGB and monochrome imaging with photometry.
2014Jan17 Short (1.2 sec) grazing event for (56) Melete. First positive since over a years ago (none seen in 2013). This is a good start to the year. TANGRA photometry found it. -
1970Nov 28 Purchase of an AE 6" F/8 mirror Peter Lancaster-Brown recommended Astronomical Equipments (AE) Luton. A 1/10 wave mirror and flat were purchase for £ 17-12-6p. The optics were used in wooden square latice tube on a alt-az mounting. Eyepieces were from Fullerscopes: Opposite: Eclipse 1973 with the 6" on the fore deck of the Mone Umbe.